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"An unexpected comedian. Tastefully twisted on many levels.” - The Milwaukee Shepherd 


"Brutally honest reflections enveloped in likable charm." - Jamie Campbell


"Monique has the confidence and smarts to really wow audiences with her hilarious observations and fresh take on everything from marriage to The Little Mermaid."

- Lillie Frances (owner of Chicago Comedy Company/Laugh Out Loud Theater"


"Edgy feminist comedy with a hint of playful charm."

- Erica Gerdes (Producer, Blewt Productions) 


Layers: The ‘Two Girls. One Pup.’ Show is the “PAWfect” LA Comedy Experience 

- Comedy Cake 


OK, it’s not THAT kind of entertainment, so get your mind out of the gutter, pervert. If you have no idea what I’m referring to then stay blissfully ignorant, please. Now for our main feature! We had the pleasure of attending the Two Girls. One Pup. comedy show this month and it was an absolute delight, furry friends and all. Often when you take your yappy bud to most establishments you get the eye rolls and stabbing glares. What would it be like to let your trusty pooch relax in a judgment-free zone while enjoying some comedy yourself? Well, consider Two Girls, One Pup your new mecca. Producer Monique Madrid (All Jane No Dick Comedy Festival, Splitsider) hosts this monthly show along with a rotation of different female comedian guest-hosts (the second girl of the two girls). In addition to treats and raffles, you get to be ensconced in the LA alternative comedy scene. Read More HERE...

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