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Besides being a Reductress contributor, Monique has also been published in McSweeney'sSomeecards, the Impersonals, Vulture Comedy (Formally Splitsider Magazineand is the former West-Coast editor of Serial Optimist magazine. She works as a copywriter, corporate sketch and short video content writer, creative consultant, script punch-up writer and script analysis. She recently joined the WGA after writing for the  DISNEY CHANNEL HOUSE PARTY.


Spec and original screenplay pilots, as well as corporate video examples available upon request.


Meanwhile, check out some of her samples below! 

Anxious Girl Walks Into A Grocery Store 

By Monique Madrid / April 13 2020


The inside of my mask is already moist and I haven’t even left my garage. Every droplet of possibly contaminated spittle blocked from getting on others. At least that’s the hope. The store is just down the street, not even five minutes away. Yet it’s a whole world away. I’m filled with doubt. Am I being irresponsible? Should I stay home? Breathe in. Breathe out.


My sunglasses fog up. I haven’t been in my car in weeks. Do I even remember how to drive?Did I wipe down the steering wheel enough? Can the virus live here that long, like a serial killer hiding in the back waiting to jump out and have his way with me? Calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out.

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The Miseducation of Lauren Hillard


A comedy inspired by true events. A born-again teen attending a tiny five-room Christian school in the 90s begins to question everything she’s known (especially about sex) as she balances teen awkwardness with living a Jesus-approved life through her surreal and fantastical lens.

Other Writing (and Interviewing) Samples

LeVar Burton: An Icon Seeks A New Iconic Role

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The Inspiring Kay Cannon On Being a Writer

Kay Cannon, the Emmy-nominated writer and producer for “30 Rock,” co-executive producer for “New Girl” and screenplay writer of the hit movie Pitch Pe...

Talking with Megan Amram About 'Science… For Her!'

I don’t want to start this by talking about Twitter and how it’s now used for more than sharing up to the second news, opinions on that news, and joke...

Review of New Foods: Who Nu Cookie

When I first sent my husband to the grocery store with a list that included “Healthy/low calorie cookies” I expected him to come home with nothing. Hi...

12 Things Women In Comedy Are Sick Of Hearing

A lot of men (and women) are still completely clueless on how to talk to a female comic. Pro tip: Try talking to them as if if they were a person. So...

Things I Learned While Re-Watching "My So Called L...

If you have the Sundance channel, or even Hulu, get on it now, because they’ve got reruns of “My So Called Life” and it’s even more amazing than I rem...

Meditating with Rob Corrdy

Actor, writer, producer, Daily Show correspondent — when I think of Rob Corddry I think talented and hilarious, but quite frankly a little jerk-ish. H...

Jerrod Carmichael's First HBO Special

At only 26 years old, he’s being called an “up-and-coming” comic, but Jerrod Carmichael knows who he is, knows what he’s good at, and thanks to his fi...


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