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Bitch I'll Cut You


("B*tch, I'll Cut You)... "is like watching the reality TV show Jerseylicious" live, except it is funny and smart."

"There is really something about a person cutting hair, whether it's happening to you or you are watching, that is mesmerizing and comforting, allowing you to totally let your guard down. It is this level of comfort that Madrid captures in her show. Audience and performers just kind of melt into the lulling rhythm of the scissors, laughing as the celebrity hair flies all over the stage and the jokes keep rolling through the pretend salon." - Caitlin Bergh, GAPERS BLOCK

Critic's Pick!
       (2012 Chicago Women's Funny Festival) - TIME OUT Chicago


"Monique blends an intimate interview with a hilarious character that proves both likable and full of sass. Monique's alter ego, Maria Barcelona, puts her client (an audience member) at ease with a kind offer of a drink before she cuts in to their personal life. B*tch I'll Cut You is an appointment to your stylist you will want to keep."

              - Eric Christensen (Artistic Director, Compass Improv Festival)



" People that would like this show are people that would like audience participation crazy hairdos, and little chants. I think this show is really fun for lots of different people who have good taste...This is not a touching play. If you only like dramas, then you would hate this play with all your heart and never want to see Monique (and Erica Elam) again because they are fuhlarious..."
                  -  ADA GREY REVIEWS FOR YOU (7 year old theater critic)



"I really felt like I was watching a reality talk show. The sassy Monica Barcelona is both inspirationally entertaining and refreshing in her comedic timing as well as the captivating concept of this show."
                   - CAUSING A SCENE

"Monique's blend of stand-up, improv and cosmetology made B*tch, I'll Cut You one of the most unique shows I've seen. Our audience hung on every word and made this show one of the best attended shows of the festival"
- Chris Moody: (Artistic Director and Producer, Detroit Improv Festival)


"B*tch, I'll Cut You" is the only live late-night talk show that takes place at an onstage hair salon. Hosted by comedian (and hairstylist) Monique Madrid, the show features hilarious comedian gabbing, plus a special celebrity guest who will get an actual haircut on stage!


The show debuted at the Chicago Women's Funny Festival to great reviews and continues to pop up across the country at comedy festivals and for special engagements. 



Here's an abridged version of the show from the Detroit Improv Festival! 

"Bitch, I'll Cut You"

was featured in the Red Eye!

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B*tch, I'll Cut You..."But You'll Look Great"

By Caitlin Bergh

Monique Madrid's show Bitch, I'll Cut You, which appeared earlier this month at Mary's Attic in Andersonville, was like a rum and Coke buzz in this frigid, hopeless March. In the show, Madrid plays her alter ego, Monica Barcelona, a hairdresser and cosmetologist who is as sassy as she is sensuously dressed. Watching Bitch, I'll Cut You, which has appeared at the Chicago Women's Funny Festival, The Compass Improv Festival and at The Annoyance Theater, is like watching the reality TV show "Jerseylicious" live, except it is funny and smart.


                                                                                                                         READ MORE HERE

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B*tch, I'll Cut You Was Featured In The Red Eye!


Monique Madrid is a Multi-Talented Laugh Creator

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